Lexus Driving On The Highway

South County Lexus at Mission Viejo encourages everyone to celebrate three decades of Lexus luxury and innovation. Located at 28242 Marguerite Parkway, we offer an impressive selection of high quality new and previously owned Lexus vehicles for sale or lease. Visit us soon to research some of these outstanding autos. (Our current selections include the spacious 2019 Lexus LX 570 and the elegant 2020 Lexus NX 300). Our inventory changes with some frequency, of course, so we invite you to take action quickly when you notice a brand of particular interest to you!

A History of Luxury And Innovation

People interested in learning more about the Lexus brands quickly appreciate the skill of the automaker. Lexus offers both performance and luxury vehicles. Owned by a parent company, Toyota, the Lexus logo carries a cachet all its own. It graces some of the most opulent, desirable vehicles on the marketplace today! The prestigious Lexus lines originated during the early 1980s. In 1983, the Chairman of Toyota launched an ambitious campaign to create a superb luxury automobile. The lovely Lexus LS 400 served as a signature product in this effort. As a full-sized sedan, it would compete successfully with several other premium vehicles in a specialized niche.

The LS 400 ultimately cost more than $1 billion to design and manufacture. It created a sensation when it first appeared at the North American International Auto Show during early 1989. Luxury vehicle purchasers across the USA eagerly sought out this sleek, fashionable Lexus sedan.

After this success, the automaker also began designing additional sporty vehicles for sale or lease in North America. More recently, the Lexus engineering team helped pioneer hybrid engines for the luxury automotive market. The company boasts an impressive record of innovative excellence.

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We urge you to visit us soon in Mission Viejo. Learn about luxurious Lexus innovations of most interest to you personally. You won't regret your decision to invest time and energy becoming well acquainted with this exciting line of opulent vehicles. Feel free to contact us at any time to request research assistance. We'd like to serve as your preferred resource whenever you need help clarifying details about premium luxury vehicles!

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