Lexus to Develop Manual Transmission for Future Electric Vehicles  

The Lexus engineers have missed working on both combustion engines and electric engines at the same time. As a result, they have come up with an idea to do a little of both. This is what is meant by the simulated manual transmission.

Simulating Manual

The manual gearbox allows Lexus to add a simulation option for manual combustion engines within electric cars. The makers are just going to use an unconnected gear to a gear stick and a clutch pedal, so you have the sensation of driving a real old-school manual. They are going to try giving you feedback whenever you go through the fake gearbox to change gears. This will give you virtual feedback to simulate what it would be like.

Lexus and Toyota engineers working together will be able t simulate any engine and any transmission working together. People are focusing on starting with the Electric car to create a unique driving experience. The engineers that made it have said that they want it to be a truly enjoyable car to ride because of its unique capabilities. There's already a prototype coming out already in the form of a UX300e crossover option. The engineers are working on multiple approaches for different things you can try simulating on the vehicle, including a rev counter and even some options that let you try out hill starts in a natural way.

Electric vehicles would talk a hill much more differently than combustion engines would, so it's certainly understandable that going through a simulated hill start would be quite a different experience than what you would experience in your electric car. It's even likely that they will eventually add motors into the seat to give you that real feeling of being in a combustion car seat with the engine going. This is especially the case when you are used to electric cars over combustion ones.

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