Summer Maintenance Tips  

If you're like many people in our area, summer could not get here soon enough. Are you planning to take a summer road trip? If so, then we can help you prepare your vehicle to ensure you have a safe journey. The summer weather conditions require specific maintenance, and our service center is your direct source for making sure your ride is ready and at the optimal level.

Oil and Oil Filter Change

Consistent oil changes are vital for engine performance and getting the fuel economy that you want, especially when driving more often in summer. Oil is essential for lubricating the parts inside your engine, and if the quality is lower than preferred, mechanical issues may arise and ultimately engine damage. And with the potential of extreme weather conditions during a hot summer, the quality of the oil is much less effective. An oil change at this stage should take place if you're due now or within the next few months.

Inspecting Fluid Levels

Periodically checking the fluid levels for your vehicle are the ideal way to ensure the maximum level is maintained. That includes the coolant. Because of the excessive heat that is typical this time of the year, the chances of your vehicle overheating increase when the coolant remains too low. The engine can become too hot, and a breakdown is more likely to occur.

Tire Pressure and Condition Check

How often do you check the air pressure in your tires? Before taking a long-distance road trip, checking the air pressure is highly recommended. Making sure it isn't lower than the manufacturers' recommended level is paramount for safety. Air pressure that's too high can cause the vehicle to drift into other lanes, and air pressure that's too low can cause a blow-out at highway speeds. And the quality of the tire tread needs inspecting to assess whether the tires should be rotated or replaced.

Car Battery Test

Protecting your car's battery during the summer months is essential maintenance. With the summer heat, a car battery becomes vulnerable and may become weak and lose the ability to hold a charge. A battery test will ensure the battery can endure the summer heat and start your engine when needed. Cleaning the battery is also recommended.

If you're interested in finding out more about summer maintenance, reach out to our service center. Our online service scheduler is also available to make an appointment. It's the fastest way to access our service center, and you can schedule your appointment as far in advance as available.