The Lexus NX 300 is a popular compact luxury SUV that offers several amazing features. One of the most popular and helpful features on the NX 300 is the vehicle's kick sensor. Here is how you can operate the kick sensor on the current model Lexus NX 300.

First, you will want to have the vehicle's keyfob in your hand or your pocket. Second, approach the rear bumper of the NX 300. Secondly, place your foot right under the center of the rear bumper. Your foot only needs to be placed under the bumper for about a second. After you have set your foot under the bumper, you will hear an audible beep from the rear of the NX300. After the beep, there is a three-second delay. During that time, step back from the vehicle. The liftgate will automatically open by itself. After the liftgate has completely opened itself, you will be able to access the rear of the NX 300.

There are two ways that you can close the liftgate on the NX300. First, you can place your foot under the center rear bumper for about one second. Again, you will hear an audible sound from the vehicle, followed by a three-second delay. During that three-second delay, step back from the car. The liftgate will automatically close. You can also close the liftgate by pressing one of two buttons located at the button of the liftgate.

The button with the vehicle icon will close the liftgate. The button with the lock icon will close and lock the liftgate. When either button is pressed, you will hear an audible sound followed by a three-second delay. During the delay, make sure that you are clear from the liftgate. After the three-second delay, the liftgate will automatically close. Make sure that the keyfob is in your pocket or on your person when you close the liftgate.

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