A Speedy Hybrid? See what Lexus is preparing for 2019

Speedy Hybrid Lexus 2019           

A Speedy Hybrid? See what Lexus is preparing for 2019


Hybrid vehicles are an outstanding choice for anyone who's looking to save some serious cash at the gas pump or do their part for the environment by cutting down on emissions. In fact, if there is one thing that hybrids are known for its their outstanding fuel efficiency. The only problem is that most gasoline-electric hybrid engines tend to be far less powerful than their gasoline-only counterparts, which means a hybrid just usually isn't the right choice for anyone more concerned with speed, power and performance. Nonetheless, Lexus is looking to change this, and the announcement of the new 2019 Lexus ES Hybrid definitely has people standing up and taking notice. With this in mind, here's what you need to know about the fast, powerful, all-new 2019 Lexus ES Hybrid.

The 2019 Lexus ES Hybrid: Much More Power than You'd Expect

Anyone who has driven the 2018 Lexus ES300h Hybrid can tell you that its combination of a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder gas engine and electric motor provided a good balance between fuel efficiency and performance. Nonetheless, the all-new 2019 ES300h takes things to a whole new level in both of these important categories.

Although it features a similar size gas engine to the previous model, this engine has been completely redesigned for the 2019 model. As a result, the all-new ES Hybrid manages to produce an impressive 215 horsepower, which is 15 hp more than last year's model. Obviously, this increase in horsepower should lead to improved power and performance, which is most definitely true. In fact, the new ES300h can go from 0 to 60 in only 8.1 seconds, which makes it one of the fastest hybrids currently on the market.

Nonetheless, the added horsepower only tells part of the story, and it's necessary to look at some of the other changes to the 2019 model in order to understand the full extent of its improvements. The vehicle also features an improved suspension that provides for a smoother ride and better handling. Still, this improvement pales in comparison to its new regenerative braking system, which is designed to minimize power loss whenever you take your foot off the gas. As a result, the car actually feels much more like a normal gas-powered vehicle to drive than it does a hybrid.

Fuel Efficiency Still Matters

Of course, this increased power and performance probably wouldn't mean all that much if it came at the expense of fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. After all, these are still the primary reasons that drive people to choose a hybrid vehicle in the first place. Luckily, this isn't an issue that you'll have to worry about. In fact, the 2019 ES Hybrid is actually even more efficient than previous generations.

Although the EPA-estimated fuel ratings aren't yet available as of writing, Lexus' own estimates suggest that this new ES Hybrid will manage an outstanding 44 mpg in the city and 45 mpg on the highway. As if these numbers don't sound impressive enough, some early test drives have actually put the efficiency ratings even higher. Either way, the 2019 ES300h is virtually guaranteed to be the most fuel efficient vehicle in its class if its EPA estimated ratings are anywhere close to what Lexus currently estimates.

Just how the new ES300h manages to achieve such impressive fuel efficiency along with such powerful performance is something that other auto manufacturer will surely be scrambling to figure out in the coming months. Nonetheless, this isn't something you really need to worry about. All you need to know is that the all-new Lexus ES Hybrid promises to be fast, efficient and fun to drive. Unfortunately, it won't be available until later in the year, but that still shouldn't stop you from contacting our dealership if you have any questions about it or any other 2019 Lexus model.


* Based on 2019 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.    

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