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How to Use Lexus Dynamic Cruise Control

What is Dynamic Cruise Control

Just like the flux capacitor in "Back to the Future," the Lexus Dynamic Cruise Control uses a particular system to give you this smart driver technology. It won't take you back in time, but it will keep you back from the car in front of you and prevent an accident. It uses grille-mounted radar and an in-vehicle camera to maintain a set distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Working together, these two technologies form the whole of Dynamic Cruise Control on Lexus vehicles.

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Lexus Celebrates 30 Years Of Luxury Innovation

Lexus Driving On The Highway

South County Lexus at Mission Viejo encourages everyone to celebrate three decades of Lexus luxury and innovation. Located at 28242 Marguerite Parkway, we offer an impressive selection of high quality new and previously owned Lexus vehicles for sale or lease. Visit us soon to research some of these outstanding autos. (Our current selections include the spacious 2019 Lexus LX 570 and the elegant 2020 Lexus NX 300). Our inventory changes with some frequency, of course, so we invite you to take action quickly when you notice a brand of particular interest to you!

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How Does Lexus Enform Work?

Enform Platform

Understanding The Enform Platform

Lexus has many advanced features for its owners, who traditionally expect the best of everything. And that's what Enform delivers. The full platform features 7 different features that help to enhance the safety and connectivity of your Lexus. When you first buy a compatible vehicle, you'll have the ability to get a free trial of all 7 features, and behind each of those features is a lot of different…

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A Speedy Hybrid? See what Lexus is preparing for 2019

Speedy Hybrid Lexus 2019           

Hybrid vehicles are an outstanding choice for anyone who's looking to save some serious cash at the gas pump or do their part for the environment by cutting down on emissions. In fact, if there is one thing that hybrids are known for its their outstanding fuel efficiency. The only problem is that most gasoline-electric hybrid engines tend…

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Which Lexus Models Have Enform?

Lexus Enform           

Virtually all new vehicles now contain a high-tech infotainment system that allows you to instantly perform a range of useful functions, from streaming music and getting driving directions to making phone calls and sending text messages. In keeping in line with its tradition for luxury and excellence, Lexus' proprietary infotainment system, Lexus Enform, goes far beyond what the average infotainment system is capable of…

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How to Safeguard your Car from Being Hacked

Safeguard Your Car from Being Hacked           

Protecting your vehicle is likely a top priority to ensure that you can continue to have a reliable mode of transportation and protect your investment. When it comes to protecting your car, you'll also need to take certain steps to safeguard the computer system and technology that is installed. When you're ready to safeguard your vehicle from being hacked…

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