The Lexus Enform infotainment system is designed to work smoothly with smartphones. If you have an Android device or iPhone, you'll love the connection options that are available in this signature multimedia platform.

You can import mobile applications from your smartphone to the Lexus Enform App Suite. After making the appropriate connection, you'll see a handful of apps and services on the touch screen in the center stack of a Lexus vehicle. Need reliable updates on traffic flow in the local area? Open the Waze app. You can also explore travel-related information on Yelp, which appears on the home screen of the Lexus Enform portal. Thanks to Lexus+Alexa, you have direct access to Amazon's signature digital assistant.

Of course, the signature infotainment system in Lexus vehicles has several great entertainment options, such as iHeartRadio, LiveXLive and SiriusXM Satellite Radio All Access. NPR is another entertainment channel that can be imported into the Enform App hub. You can also take advantage of Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for optimum connectivity. In most models, the Wi-Fi network supports up to five simultaneous connections with compatible devices.

Do you want to keep an eye on your Lexus vehicle from a distance? Get the Enform Remote app for your mobile phone. When you open the app, you'll see several remote services on the home menu. For instance, the vehicle's doors may be unlocked or locked with a single tap of your smartphone. Similarly, the Remote Engine Start/Stop icon is at your fingertips.

Can't remember where you parked your Lexus? The Vehicle Finder will help you find the way. Additionally, the Lexus Enform Remote app may be used to check the status of the car's fuel level and odometer. You can even check if the windows and sunroof are properly closed.

Google Assistant is integrated into the Lexus Enform Remote app, so you always have access to a virtual concierge on the go. The Service Connect is another feature that's integrated into the Lexus Enform app. You could receive email alerts about the vehicle's diagnostics and other maintenance-related issues. When a Lexus is due for an oil change, you'll get notifications on your mobile device. The Service Connect suite lasts for up to 10 years of ownership, so you'll have extra peace of mind in the long run.

Contact our Lexus dealership to learn more about the digital technologies that are available in the latest models. We offer detailed information on the signature Lexus Enform infotainment system.

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