2019 Lexus UX           

Introducing the First Ever Lexus UX


What's New For The Lexus UX?

Technology rules in the Lexus UX, the first luxury compact crossover ever produced by Lexus. However, don't let that technology fool you. This is one sweet ride for the lucky driver and passengers.

How Does The Lexus UX Use High Tech Ways To Handle The Road?

Before discussing the high tech way this vehicle handles the road, your safety, and your entertainment, let's look at how it cocoons you in luxury. Different Japanese traditions influenced the craftspeople who created this design. There's Washi, a finisher that looks like the grain of a Japanese paper. This can be used for the trim or a leather-grain finish is available. The rich leather upholstery reflects sashiko, a Japanese quilting technique. The seats themselves have a modern look that is the result of mathematical curves and gradations in perfect alignment. The driver-centric cockpit has an ergonomic design right down to the way the body fits into the seat and moves to touch the controls. Lexus has the first palmrest with audio switches. This smart device is located on the driver's immediate right hand on the center console.

Every detail of the crossover's body, architecture, and engine have been subjected to applied science. Engineers looked for ways to improve each aspect without diminishing another. A good example is the unique wheels which come in two sizes. The blade shape was carefully sculpted to direct cooling air toward the brake discs. Engineers accomplished this goal without affecting the overall coefficient of drag.

What Is the Exterior Comprised of?

A lighter weight architecture made with tough materials rides on a new global platform. The body was sculpted for aerodynamics and shaped to slip in and out of tight spaces. This bold Urban Explorer, as Lexus calls it, is made for tight city spaces without sacrificing interior spaciousness.

Up front a three-dimensional appearance on the spindle grille is accomplished by using individual metal elements radiating out within the black shape mesh pattern. Arrowhead running lights flank the distinct L-shaped pattern of the headlights. In the back, full-width tail lights can't be missed by the traffic behind you. Starting broad, they narrow to 3 mm in the center.

Innovative Technology Integrating Safety

Automatic high beams help the UX driver. For safety's sake, the UX has many of today's sought-after standards. The pre-collision system watches for stopping traffic. During the day it can spot cyclists and pedestrians. Lexus has expanded the system's capability to detect pedestrians at night as well. Lane Tracing Assist helps the driver maintain the safest trajectory. Road Sign Assist warns you when the speed limit changes. Adaptive Cruise Control can be a partner in busy traffic.

Drivers will appreciate either of the two engines. The UX 200 is a savvy four cylinder unit that cranks out 168 horsepower. It features the first CVT with an extra gearset to facilitate off-the-mark acceleration.

The UX 200h is a 178-horsepower hybrid with new technology. It has three systems that learn as you drive. With Predictive Deceleration Support, regenerative braking is enhanced by the vehicle's ability to anticipate slowing and stopping. The Predictive Efficient Drive learns driving patterns, road patterns, and normal traffic conditions. It can then optimize its use of the hybrid battery, maintaining its charge better by using it more efficiently. With navigation, the Predictive State of Charge recognizes downhill roads and busy traffic.

Where Can I Find Out More?

Grab your chance to test drive the Lexus UX. You'll find out more when you visit South County Lexus of Mission Viejo.